About me

I am Dr Geo Cameron: Celtic shaman-priestess, academic, author and multi-media artist.

I offer a unique blend of wisdom drawn from Spirit, from my family traditions, and from my deep understanding of Celtic (and other) ancient languages and cultures, shamanism, anthropology, theology and transpersonal psychology.

I have spoken and taught at institutions ranging from Findhorn to Edinburgh University and Trinity College, Dublin, where I was the first Pagan Celtic scholar ever invited to address their Theological Society.


I was the primary teacher of Celtic shamanism and spirituality at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York, the world's largest holistic centre, for ten summers.

Widely acknowledged in both academic and spiritual circles as a world authority on Celtic shamanism, I offer inspirational guidance on applying ancient, and often hidden, teachings effectively to your life.

I have dedicated my life to helping people experience the Sacred and co-create a more harmonious world.


I teach with insight and humour, revealing deeper layers of meaning in the ancient Celtic myths, chants and shamanic practices that unveil Spirit's presence with and within us.

In September 2002, I was a Hermitage resident, acting as Omega's 'spiritual caretaker' to ground the campus with a contemplative focus and work with Omega's staff.


I have been interviewed in the media, including BBC Radio and television, CNBC, the Edinburgh Evening News and in Hillary S. Webb's book, Traveling Between the Worlds: Conversation with Contemporary Shamans.

In March of 2006 I was featured in the BBC Scotland program, Among the Believers. I worked with journalist and presenter Andrew Slorance, helping him cultivate a personal experience of the Sacred through ritual and meditative practice.

I write widely on spiritual topics from both experiential and academic perspectives, including the entry on 'Celtic Christianity' in the Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature, and articles in Pagan Dawn, SPIN and Cosmos, the Journal of the Traditional Cosmology Society. Read more about my work as a speaker and academic.

I work with people by phone, internet and in person as an anama chara or 'soul-friend,' in an individualised process comparable to spiritual mentoring or holistic life-coaching.

I lead retreats and conduct religious services. 


I perform weddings and rites of passage as a legally approved celebrant in Scotland under the auspices of the Scottish Pagan Federation and as an ordained minister in the Circle of the Sacred Earth.

Read more about my work as a celebrant.

I received an MSc Magna cum Laude (with Distinction) for my work on spiritual crisis in Old Irish literature (read in the original Old Irish), and a PhD for my ground-breaking work on Celtic shamanism. Both degrees are from the University of Edinburgh. My PhD was the first, to my knowledge, to demonstrate academically a full spectrum of shamanic practices in Celtic cultures.

I am an artist in various media. I see art as part of the co-creative work of manifesting Spirit in the world.


I create ritual objects, jewellery, prayer beads and encennach (traditional winged Druidic headdresses).


I have used film and television to convey spiritual messages, including through an episode titled Sacred Ground for Star Trek: Voyager. I am also a songwriter and musician. Read more here.

Dr Geo Cameron with students on Mull

Me and my students during a ritual at the Stone Circle on Mull

Geo Cameron and John Harding at the O

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