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The Sea Refuses no Stream, the Divine Refuses no Being

Modern Western culture often feels it's difficult to come into contact with Spirit and all levels of the Divine. It isn't! Celtic Shamanism works on all levels of life. It teaches us how to bring the peace and power of Spirit into our daily lives, our work, our relationships, our interactions with others, and the way we feel about ourselves and our place in the cosmic dance. It’s worth isn't limited to the Celtic tribes who roamed Europe two thousand years ago, or to their descendants today, because spiritual traditions aren't limited by culture. Celts began as Indo-Europeans. We started in Sumer in the way back. Yet Celtic and Indo-European spiritual traditions were lost to most of us.

My ancestors continued our traditions of the Túatha Dé Dánann, also known as Túatha Dé Dánu, for aeons. Obviously we had to go underground in the 1600’s in Scotland when some of our witchy sisters felt the burn in a Stone Circle on the Isle of Mull, and other places too! Hence I was the first family member to go forth teaching Celtic traditions in centuries. I’ve been teaching for over a quarter century. The image of some of my students and I above was during a beautiful ritual at the Stone Circle on Mull where some of our Kin passed on in the 1600s. We had a glorious union with them showing them that all their wisdom was going forth again.


As time went by, I decided to do further research, (others who could read ancient Irish didn't know about shamanism, lol!) and my PhD at the University of Edinburgh was the first to academically prove the existence of Shamanism in Celtic Culture. (Obviously Shamanism wasn’t one of the terms we used, but it makes it clear what our traditions are about.)


Celtic Shamanism works on all levels of life, denser and subtler levels of causality. Celts always aimed to be Áes Dánu, Aces of All Arts of Life! In my background information you can see how it has worked for me on all levels, including all facets of my work, even getting to write a spiritual episode called Sacred Ground for Star Trek Voyager. Celtic Shamanism enables us to be passionately engaged in the world, and just as passionately connected to Spirit. This can also heal harm that has come in our lives. Through meditation, energy work, chant, prayer and the visionary technique of the echtra or spirit journey, we can learn to experience spiritual reality as personally and vividly today as Celtic Shamans did millennia ago.

(Quick note, apologies for my website delays, but it will be further completely up soon! I am a single parent shaman, LOL! In the way back, I sought the soul mate and got soul freight, weighing me down it was nee great! But the wisdom the spirits have given me to transcend these difficulties shall enable me to help others. Creation is emanation. We are all in union, so if I can help one or more to transcend and avoid my past difficulties it's a win! If you aren't my brother from another mother, you're my sister from another mister! You can also go to Túatha Dé Dánu Celtic Shamanism True on Facebook for more details of the tradition now, and feel free to ask any questions which I shall answer.)

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The Celtic tradition exists as one gateway to the mystery and the meaning of our lives, a gate through which you are now invited to step.