When I had analyzed all the personal history I could think of... When I had talked and emoted for years on end... When I was ready simply to be well, to find my true self... That was when I began to work with Geo. I learned that my images and impluses are not to be

pathologised, but are messages from spirit... I learned that spirit has continuing surprises and twists in the road... I learned how to access that smile of joy that lies deep within the soul of all sentient being. What a bargain.


— Thea, New Jersey

Geo's teachings were the seeds of transformation. At the age of 16 I was lost in a light-less ocean, coping with a psychological breakdown of the year before.


Geo taught me about Shamanic Death, awakening my soul to the metamorphosis Great Spirit was offering me. She opened my eyes to the language and medicine of "that which moves in everything and rests in nothing." She taught me ways of living in communication with the Sacred. In a time of great fragmentation, Geo taught me prayers of thankfulness and harmony. 


One of the most powerful was a chant for the God within all things, which I often sang to greet the sunrise, giving me the humility, strength, and grounding to follow a path into my power as the man I am today.

Geo's teachings were a blessing. They continue to inform my daily practice nearly ten years later.


— Caleb Grant, Youth Counselor & student of Social Work, Maine

Dr. Geo Cameron is a gifted spiritual teacher who eloquently enlightens her students through stories, songs and guided meditation.


She awoke in me a curiosity that had been sleeping beneath the surface of awareness. After a private session with Dr. Cameron I experienced a panoramic awareness of the luminous ground of my own being. She had taught me that souls can be retrieved.

I am forever grateful to her and look forward to studying with her in the future.

— Josepha Bortnick M.Ed., MA., California

I came to Geo with a varied spiritual background, mainly the teachings and practices of G. I. Gurdjieff as taught and developed by J. G. Bennett and his followers.


My sessions with Geo have been what I needed when I needed them; they have enriched my previous practice and given me tools to help me with some difficult personal issues. It is no exaggeration to say that some of the ideas I had learnt about from J.G. Bennett are now increasingly experienced as present realities.


I have received effective help with the issues which led me to Geo, and an unexpected bonus of our sessions has been a new confidence to call on something higher in my own teaching.

— Matt Seattle, musician, Scottish Borders

Geo Cameron is a magnificent teacher. She generously incorporates joy, humor, song, and story into every profound lesson she gives, so that we may enjoy taking it all in to our heart-minds, where the essential wisdom seeds in and grows, intertwining into our own life's adventure. We are so much richer and wiser for the learning!


Doug and I have loved having her teach at Rowe, and we stand poised to welcome her back whenever she decides to come our way.

Prue Berry, Rowe Camp and Conference Centre, Massachusetts

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